In the field of construction, a pier is that construction of stone, brick or wood that is made in the water, whether in the sea, in a lake or in a river and that will be sustained in the aquatic environment in question thanks to bases that will support it very firmly.

In addition, the aforementioned bases make it easier for ships and large vessels of high seas to dock in them for unloading and passenger loads or failing goods.

In those maritime and fluvial ports, several docks coexist with the mission of giving rise to a significant number of boats to park in the area of interest. Meanwhile, in the large ports, the docks tend to be dedicated to a single activity, for example, in the transport of passengers, in the loading and unloading of automobiles, in the containers, among others. The construction requires bored piers to be driven into the ground for stability.

Circular Quay

Circular Quay in one of the many piers in Melbourne. It is what could be called a multipurpose pier. People go for pleasant walks, people can find water taxis that is the main attraction of this pier.

The Circular Quay is the starting point to visit numerous wonderful places such as Sydney’s Museum of Contemporary Art and historic Customs House. There is also The Sydney Opera House and Royal Botanic Gardens.

Sailing in Sydney

The most popular mean of transportation in Sydney’s pier are ferries. In these people can go almost anywhere around Sydney’s suburbs. They are a cheap way to travel and an amazing way to explore around.

The ferries are seven lines that have their central station in Circular Quay and allow a different route through the city, since in addition to moving people can get excellent views of the pier.

And people cannot leave without taking a walk along the promenade, which is quite wide and where there are a lot of restaurants, shops, and bars, where they can sit and rest and watch people go by.

The crossing of the boat proposes to use these taxis as an alternative to cross the city and contribute to the fluidity of the transportation of people.

Trading in pier

Each year, docks move a gigantic volume of merchandise throughout the world, occupying a priority role of international trade. Of the two billion dollars in total goods traded worldwide, 90% was transported by sea, which is equivalent to approximately 5% of total world trade, doubling the value of maritime trade until 2020.

This has a similar operation to that of any establishment that receives different vehicles with daily passengers, such as airports. These terminals are of vital importance so that the entrance and exit of objects and people can easily flow in the doors, with specialisations in different loads, for even more efficient work.

In addition, certain qualified people, who are called port authorities, are in charge of regulating and monitoring each of the processes that are carried out.

Adventure in pier

For the adventurous spirit, there are also activities to do. In the company of a group of experts, people can climb the pier and enjoy a magnificent view of the entire city. An unforgettable experience only for the most risky people.

For the not so adventurous people, the landscape from the pier is equally incredible with other attractions to enjoy.

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