You know summer is here when the aroma of grilled meat wafts from almost everywhere. Celebration and relaxation are the distinct messages given off by cooking good food while gathered around the grill.

There are a lot of choices when it comes to built-in BBQ grills. Knowing what you want and need narrows down the search for getting the right one to start grilling!

Choosing the built-in BBQ model for your outdoor kitchen

Grilling and cooking outdoors have become the top trend today. Improving the home with an outdoor kitchen complete with built-in appliances such as a BBQ grill is what homeowners want.

Choosing the best built-in BBQ grill can be confusing with the variety of available models. However, knowing what they are capable of doing helps you decide on the built-in type you want and need.

Electric Grill

Firing up the grill using propane, charcoal or wood can be a hassle. The electric BBQ model offers a hassle-free and lesser smoke grilling alternative.

Natural Gas Grill

Your natural gas line can be used to fire this type of grill. The clean burn of natural gas provides non-stop grilling while making it better for the environment.

Propane Grill

A propane grill model is often referred to as a gas grill. The propane tank used for firing up the grill makes for easy, fast, and clean cooking all the time. Some models feature a smoker box to hold smoking woods such as hickory and mesquite. Some models have the addition of rotisserie to make the grilling versatile, fun, and enjoyable.

Built-in BBQ grill features to watch out for

Built-in BBQ grills offer many features. Some models may have them all while some may lack one or two. Knowing the different features and what they can help with the grilling and cooking is important.

  • Infrared searing

Some grillers may like this feature and some may not find any use for it. However, this feature becomes handy when you want a perfectly caramelized chicken or steak.

  • Cooking alarm

A cooking alarm is a handy-dandy feature to have in a built-in BBQ griller. Setting the timer to give off an alarm when it’s time to turn the burgers provides one great convenience for the cook.

  • Side shelves

Side shelves are invaluable things to have in a built-in BBQ grill. That tray of burgers can be conveniently stashed away using this feature.

  • Built-in thermometer

Opening the cover repeatedly for you to check the internal thermometer can be inconvenient. It’s also one way to let out the heat which will not help if you want faster grilling time. The built-in thermometer feature will prevent all that from happening.

  • Cooking light

Not all grilling is done in the daytime. Having a cooking light feature beats grilling in the dark or holding a flashlight while cooking.

  • Smoke box

Some built-in BBQ models do not have this feature. However, this is an add-on that you can’t do without. The wood smoke flavour you want from the grilled food becomes possible with the help of the smoke box.

  • Upper grill shelf

Keeping the food warm or slow cooking is achieved with an upper grill shelf feature.

The many built in BBQ models available on the market today make the choice a tough decision. It’s no longer a simple choice as it once was. Choose one that would meet your need, convenience, and budget.


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