There are no doubts that technology has positively influenced the decoration and interior design of offices. This has become a highly developed sector that has made it possible for any company to have an office with the latest in technology, furniture, and design. With the current technology trends, it has become easier to design and configure work areas from a computer before actually moving anything.

If people make a comparison of a current office with one of thirty years ago, they could clearly see the evolution in structure, concept and office furniture.

When talking about the importance of health in the workplace, it is important to bear in mind that during long working hours, the worker must feel comfortable through an environment that adapts to their movements and needs at all times.

Open Spaces

Faced with the previous tendency to create segregated spaces with separated offices, the current tendency of the most modern offices is to create open spaces in which workers remain together in the same place without distinction of office.

Rest Areas For Workers

Workers spend too much time in the workplace and each time companies are more aware of the responsibility they have with the comfort of their employees and the impact this has on their performance. The latest trends in Perth’s commercial office fitouts are: Armchairs or cafeterias are some of the elements that are increasingly common in modern offices and that help employees take a break from their tasks.

Ergonomic Office Furniture

This responsibility of the companies with their workers extends to the choice of office furniture. Ergonomics or user adaptation in office furniture has gained strength within the workspace, which helps prevent physical problems, stress, and concentration.

Office chairs that allow adapting to the physical characteristics of each worker, with the possibility of regulating the backrest, the height of the seat, armrest, etc. minimising possible back and joint problems of the user.

Keeping the table clean is essential to gain fluency. Eliminate objects that can hinder movements and hinder daily tasks. Workers should choose a large enough office table that allows them to have everything they need on their surface without it becoming saturated.

Places For Improvised Meetings

Modern workspaces have changed in part because the ways of working and communicating within the office have changed. Today, short and concise meetings are common among a small number of people informally.

Care Lighting In The Office

In the conception of modern offices, lighting is taken into account. Illumination that is not adequate can cause fatigue and fatigue and negatively affect the worker’s performance. A study of the points of light and the use as much as possible of natural light, for example using office glass lamps, is necessary to improve comfort within the office and increase productivity.

Plants In The Office

Includes plants throughout the design of your office. This brings tranquillity and harmony to the space as well as giving a touch of colour and a sense of vitality to people.

According to studies, plants favour concentration and help create calm environments. They purify the air by attracting the mites and fumes of the space as well as being elements that bring dynamism into the design.

If we achieve an ergonomic workspace, in addition to favouring the comfort and health of the employee, we also help increase their performance and improve the workflow in the daily activity.

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