Retractable barriers are used to manage crowds, ensure safety and control pedestrian traffic. They can be found at the airports, shopping centres, warehouses, and factories. These are pretty much versatile and can be designed in number of ways and organised for different purposes. Explore high quality retractable safety barrier options now.

The various kinds of retractable barriers

  1. Post mounted retractable barriers.  These kind of barriers are usually seen in airports, shopping Centres, and banks.  The post mounted barriers can be configured and reorganised quickly and this is one of the main reasons why they are ideal for crowd control.
  2. Wall mounted belt barriers can be seen in warehouse and hotels. These units can be pulled across doors and corridors in a warehouse to prevent access to areas where cleaning or loading is being carried out. It is a great way of preventing unauthorised individuals from entering a no entry zone.
  3. Rope retractable barriers are used in nightclubs and other high end venues. These are designed with high quality materials and are great for using at an exclusive event

Uses of retractable barriers

  •  Retractable safety barriers are used for line control and closing off an area
  •  A post mounted barrier is ideal for creating demarcation of boundaries
  •  Most of the barriers can be reconfigured to accommodate number of people in line.
  •  Retractable barriers are found in hotel receptions, airports shops, cinemas, security areas, and schools.

Benefits of using retractable barriers

One of the main reasons why retractable barriers are preferred is that these can be easily installed and packed away whenever required. They also take up very little storage space, yet can be used to cordon off large areas on a short notice.

The retractable barriers are available in a variety of designs and finishes. If you want to go for a more classy look, you might want to invest in barriers made from stainless steel and chains. These are also semi permanent solution for daily use.

You can also go for retractable barriers made from belts or ropes which are available in different colours and can be custom printed to make them fit in with your company’s brand.

Retractable barriers have various safety features that include belt locks and twin belts. The belt locks can but prevent accidental unlatching and can be designed in a way to be kept at knee level for the average adult so to prevent children from walking under the top belt. These are necessary safety measures if you want to ensure the safety of the people in the area.

Retractable safety barriers are one of the most versatile tools for managing crowds. They are available in different varieties their own specific features and applications. It is quite easy to configure the belts and these can be dismantled easily as well. However, it is essential that you purchase retractable barriers from a reliable vendor. Make sure that you do your research and choose retractable belts which comply with your specific requirements.


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