As a caravan owner it is quite important that you pay attention to your bus electrical system and maintain it the right way. In case if you ever faced a power outage while you are on a camping trip there are certain things which you should actually consider.

For a motor home to give you the most access it is necessary that it has a solid working electrical system. A motorhome electrical system has three different components which include the following:

  • The DC Automotive system. This is a system which allows the RV to operate from one destination to another
  • The DC coach system which is responsible for the Furnace fan, the restroom fan and the water pump. The stereo as well as the refrigerator also works on the DC coach system. These items are all connected to a battery which stores the power for these items when the coach is not hooked to an external source.
  • The DC coach system which helps link the power of your always electrical equipment. It obtains its power from an external source like a home outlet or a camping ground.

All motorhomes work on a battery system which can be operated in an area which doesn’t have any hook-ups. These batteries contain a power charge which can help operate your appliances and electrical fixtures even when there is no external power source available. All motorhomes have different varieties of house batteries installed in the vehicle. It actually depends upon how often you go camping or take your motorhome on a ride. Most people prefer using the manufacturer battery or they may also have another battery installed for additional power storage.

Caring for the bus electrical system

In order to ensure that the motorhome batteries are working in perfect condition you need to avoid the following mistakes

  • If you want to ensure the long awaited of your batteries you should always make sure that these are charged frequently and fully. When you fail to charge the battery it will result in sulfation which can destroy the battery. 
  • You also need to add water to the battery to prevent electrolysis from taking place inside it. Your battery has vents which let out extra gas and water vapour however when the battery is submerged in water it can help prevent a power breakdown.
  • Do not allow your battery to fully discharge because this can cause a problem in the long run. You can prevent this by ensuring that you recharge the battery after every few weeks.
  • You should avoid neglecting the battery terminals and ensure that they are always tight and clean. There is battery terminal protector spray which is easily available at any Auto supply store and is a great way of ensuring that your batteries remain clean and In good working order.
  • Despite the emphasis on charging of battery frequently it is also essential that you do not overcharge it. Doing so would deplete the electrolyte level in the batteries and cause them to fail it is important that you find the right balance between overcharging and completely discharging your battery.

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